About Me


I’m Suzy and this is my blog: Glamour & Go. In this blog I hope to discuss all in my life which helps me become a little more ‘glamorous’ every day! I am in my mid-twenties living in Dublin, Ireland. Over the last 10 years I have fostered and developed a love of make-up, beauty and fashion. I am particularly interested in make up and would feel naked without it!  In terms of clothing and fashion, I would not describe myself as the ‘trendiest’ fashionista, but believe I have a simple, elegant style (hopefully!). My philosophy in respect of clothes and fashion is that it is better to find clothes that suit you, suit your own personal style and make you feel great rather than clothes which are in trend this season. Like many of you out there – I have a particular weakness for bags and shoes!

I currently work as a cancer researcher and am finishing my PhD in the area of prostate cancer. I have one sister, Claire who is one year younger than me and my best friend in the world! We share our love of make up and fashion and have developed our own individual style over the years with some constructive (and not so constructive) criticisms!


My sister Claire and I, on my graduation in 2010

I have a fantastic boyfriend James, who is always willing to give me an opinion on all things fashion and beauty, he has been on a steep learning curve!


James and I, on New Year’s Eve 2012

I hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to leave a comment!

Suzy (a.k.a. Glamour & Go)


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