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Lanvin’s Autumn Winter 13/14 Accesories

I was skimming through the fashion at Paris Fashion Week when I spotted Lanvin’s new AW13/14 chunky chains. These chunky gold pieces are emblazoned with words like ‘Happy’, ‘Help’, ‘Love’. A host of celebs and fashionista’s were seen wearing them, and they can be worn alone or in combination with other chunky jewellery! I really love them, I think they are unusual, yet very pretty!

Lanvin Glamour & Go 1

Lanvin Glamour & Go 2

Lanvin Glamour & Go 5 Lanvin Glamour & Go 8

Lanvin Glamour & Go 9 Lanvin Glamour & Go 4

So, tacky or tasteful, what do you think????

(Oh and maybe I should add: price for the ‘Love’ chain start for €625 . . . )

Stay Glamorous! Xxx


What do you think?

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