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Bedroom Decor

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve just moved house, and my Mam kindly treated me to some new bed throws and cushions! I picked up the pink throw in the below pictures in TK Maxx for €26.99! This is a serious bargain as some of these throws can be up to €100 in Next and even Dunnes Stores! Not only is this one pretty, but it’s also warm and cosy!


Next I picked up some cushions to match the new throw – I am cushion obsessed, and I take them all off every night, only to put them all back on the next day, but I just think they look so pretty! First I picked up two large basic cream pillows in Dunnes, they were about €10 each I think. Then I wanted to pick up a feature cushion with pink in it, to pick up the pink in the bed throw. When I saw the gorgeous ‘Cake Shop’ cushion in the Paul Costello Living collection in Dunnes I had to have it! It wasn’t cheap at €28 but look how pretty it is!


Finally, just because I can’t do anything in half measures, I also picked up two pink satin cushions, also from the Paul Costello collection, but I can’t remember how much they were (I normally just make an impulse decision to buy something, spend the money I don’t have, then banish the price from my brain immediately to save my poor old conscience!)!


I love home decor – I’m always picking up little bits and pieces, and don’t get me started with Yankee Candles – addicted! Let me know if you would like to see some more home decor style posts I would be more than happy to oblige!

Stay Glamorous! Xxx


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