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Cargo Texas Liner: Review, Pics *

Another review! Today I’m reviewing an eyeliner I received from Cargo Cosmetics. Cargo are a really exciting new brand who have arrived at our shores and I’m officially in love! Today I am reviewing their Texas Liner.

Cargo Texas Liner

Cargo Texas Liner is a marker style eye liner. It comes in a short thick pen and looks like your stereotypical marker eyeliner.


The tip of the marker is soft and the nib is large, sometimes marker eye liner can become almost wispy at the end but this eye liner has stayed in excellent condition and I’ve been using it for about a month. I’ve also found that the product hasn’t dried and I haven’t had to shake it or anything like that.


I found the liner easy to apply but I probably wouldn’t advise it for newbies, just because the nib is quite big, so you need to be accurate in your application. The good news is that mistakes are easily fixed with some tissue or a face wipe.


In terms of lasting power the product is out standing. It’s the type of product that will still be in place the next day if you happen to head to bed without taking all your makeup off (which I’m sure none of us ever do!).


I really really love this liner because you can achieve a wide variety of looks with one product: in the pictures you can see I have used this eye liner to achieve a super dark flick style look and I’ve also used it to achieve a smokey day time look (achieved by applying a thin line of Texas Liner on my upper lid and below my waterline and blending out with a black eye shadow from Naked palette)!


I can’t say enough about this eye liner, I’m so glad I’ve been given the product to try. Along with the Diego Dalla Palma products Cargo is another exciting brand that I’ve fallen for hook line and sinker! I would love to try more products in the range so if you have any suggestions let me know!

Stay Glamorous! Xxx


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