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Rimmel Gel Liner: Review, Pics

I recently bought this Rimmel Gel Liner and was so shocked by how crap it is I just had to write a review!


I was in my local Doc Morris pharmacy and noticed that some Rimmel and Gosh products were on sale. I was instantly drawn to the Rimmel Gel Liner which was down from approx €8 to €5. I currently have Inglot gel liner – which I love, but I accidentely left it open one night and my poor old Inglot gel liner has never really recovered! Anyway I picked up Rimmel Gel Liner, which even includes a brush in the lid!

Rimmel Gel Liner Glamour & Go 1

So one morning before work I have my make up applied and I was ready to give the new gel liner a go! I used the brush which comes in the lid and I have to say the brush itself it quite good, very small and precise, which I like. What is not so good is the actual product itself! I applied a little bit of the gel liner to the brush and started carefully lining the upper lid of my eye. I was expecting a thick dark line. I was sorely disappointed. I found the colour really lacked the true black you would expect – it was like a grey or transparent black. Anyway I motored on and applied it as best I could. I can’t say I loved the consistency – if found it a bit too liquid for a gel liner!


Eventually I finished. I found the application process long and tedious – the liner just wasn’t dark enough and it was hard to apply. But that’s not all. A few minutes later I looked in the mirror and this gel liner had smudged everywhere! It didn’t dry properly at all and it was all over the place! I was so annoyed – I had all my makeup finished and then this happens. If that wasn’t bad enough I had no face wipes or tissues to fix it so I had to just wipe it off with my hands, it wiped off really easily at least.


So basically I hate this product, I will probably never use it again. Funnily enough I was actually watching the Xpose omnibus at the weekend and they had their beauty panel testing eye-liners, and at number one was Maybelline’s Gel Liner which actually looks very similar to this product so I’ll have to give that one a go next!

Stay Glamorous (And stay away from Rimmel Gel Liner!) Xxx


5 thoughts on “Rimmel Gel Liner: Review, Pics

  1. It literally is the spitting image of the MUA one out there and I really love it!! Exact same packaging though.

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