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The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club Review *

I was recently sent a ‘Discovery Box’ from The Fragrance Shop to review. The concept of these postage boxes is not a new one, but I have not seen a fragrance type box yet so I was really looking forward to getting my hands on one and trying it out!


The box itself consists of a small navy box – when you open the lid it says ‘Spray a little happiness’ which I like! The box includes an information booklet and then there is lovely paper protecting the products themselves. I wasn’t really sure what the box would contain, and when I actually opened it I found it contained perfume samples.




So what did I actually get? I received 6 perfume samples, 4 female and 2 male. I had a try of each one and wrote down my initial thoughts on each:

Thierry Mugler – Alien Aqua Chic



Fruity, sweet. Bit too sweet – can be over powering. 4/10

Loewe – Quizas Quizas Quizas Pasion



Sweet, dries to a nice deep musky smell. Faint smell of talc off this one. 6/10

Elvis Jesus 



Lovely, sweet and not over powering. My favourite. 9/10

Mont Blanc – Legend Pour Femme



Deep, musk. Very strong and overpowering when first applied, but after 5 minutes it dries to a lovely deep sweet musty scent. Strong scent. 7/10

Givenchy – Gentlemen Only



Very musky, old fashioned. Deep, dark scent. Strong smell of lime! 6/10

Lacoste – Eau De Lacoste Noir



Lovely, sweet yet not over the top. Very, very nice. It’s your typical man’s aftershave smell! 9/10

Initially I have to say I really wasn’t too keen on the idea of paying for perfume samples – these are free, right? But then I realised that I would never have gone into a department store and picked up this random combination of scents, so it really was a discovery experience for me – I did discover new scents! Plus, the price is £5 for a box per quarter, which basically just covers postage? The information leaflet contains vouchers for each of the samples you received in the box, so if you like the perfume you can buy it on The Fragrance Shop, the voucher will give you £10 off.

My final thoughts? I really enjoyed reviewing the box, my room smelled great after spraying all the perfume, and I have nice scents to try for the next couple of weeks, would I pay £5 in future for the subscription? Probably not, but I’m not really a perfume person, those who love perfume and finding new scents, this is the way to go.

Find out more about The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club here:

Stay Glamorous! Xxx


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