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How To Apply Flawless, Streak Free Fake Tan: Hands & Feet

As you know – I’ve recently had my review of Cocoa Brown Night & Day Tan featured in Daily Mail Online (here is the link!). Since then, I have received a lot of questions enquiring how I achieved a flawless tan on my hands and feet. As an avid fake tan aficionado, I have developed my own little approach to apply fake tan to my hands and feet. Today I will share my secret to flawless fake tan application in an easy to follow step by step approach!

Before & After V2

I always start my tan by liberally applying product to my lower arm up as far as my shoulder:

Step 0

Then I move on to my hand, which I cover in five steps!

Step 1: Overall Application

In this first step, you just want to evenly apply tan to the back of your hand and across your thumb and fingers. You don’t need to be too neat.

Step 1a

Step 1b

Step 2: Fingers

To ensure your fingers get even coverage take the mitt (with tan!) and rotate around each finger individually.

Step 1c1

Step 2a

Step 2b

Step 3: Between Fingers
This step is important because there is nothing worse than the tell tale white patches between your fingers. Again, take the mitt and gentle apply tan between your fingers – a small bit of product will do this effectively.

Step 2c

Step 3a

Step 4: Knuckles
This step is one I picked up while getting a spray tan at a salon. At this stage your entire hand should have a reasonably even fake tan application. What you might have forgotten is the creases in your skin at your knuckles. To get this pesky area you need to make a claw shape with your hand, then rub tan over your knuckles.

Step 3c

Step 4a

Step 4b

Step 5: Clean Nails and Palm
The last step is optional but I like to remove any fake tan from my nails and the palm of my hand using a face wipe. I find this much better than washing your hands with water post application, because the water runs down your arm and ruins the even tan you just applied.


These steps can easily be replicated and used for feet! I hope this steps are useful for your fake tan application! Do you have any fake tan tips for me??

Stay Glamorous! Xxx


One thought on “How To Apply Flawless, Streak Free Fake Tan: Hands & Feet

  1. Great tips! I must try it like this next time as I never got on with the Tanning mitts. I like to use the latex gloves to apply my tan, I just get better control over it especially on my hands.

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