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#JuneBBC Day 26 – Best Beauty Advice You Have Been Given

This is a really tough one – here are some general beauty tips I’ve picked up that I think are worth sharing:

1. Buy foundation and moisturisers with sunscreen – minimum SPF 15

2. Drink loads of water. D’uh!!

3. Invest some time in contouring or learning how to contour – it will make the world of difference to your face!

4. Don’t use makeup sponges. They just soak in your precious foundation!

5. Use conditioner to shave. I always do this – it is actually better than shaving foam!

6. Rinse your hair with cool water after shampooing and conditioning to ensure excess residue is removed – sick of trying to wash that conditioner out??? Turn the water temp down, you’ll instantly feel your hair become ‘cleaner’ (even if it is cold!)

That’s all I can think of – but I would absolutely love to hear your tips??

Stay Glamorous! Xxx


2 thoughts on “#JuneBBC Day 26 – Best Beauty Advice You Have Been Given

  1. Hi. Here you write good tips by following these tips every one maintain herself & i think these tips are essential and reasonable. Every one do this. I am a big fan of you. You always provide good tips about how we care our self.

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