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#JuneBBC Day 24: Alternative Use For An Item You Have

I have decided to take part in #JuneBBC: June Beauty Blog Challenge. The idea is that you write a beauty themed post everyday for the month of June! Today’s theme is ‘Alternative Use For An Item You Have’

I am so happy to do this post, because at last I can find out if I’m the only person who does this – by this I mean: USE LIPSTICK AS BLUSHER??? I don’t know why but I was definitely planning on keeping this to myself, for fear of being ridiculed and tarnished as dirty or unhygienic??? So – am I alone???

MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick All Out Gorgeous

I’ll explain my scenario better – it all started with a new Mineralize lipstick I purchased from Mac. I bought a colour I had never tried before, called ‘All Out Gorgeous’. This deep purple toned lipstick looked great on, and is a shade which naturally suits pale skin! It was love from first sight! But I was determined to find a similar deep purple/pink blusher to wear with it – and that’s when my problems started. You would not believe how many pink blushers exist – some cosmetics brands only carry variations of pink! Eventually I happened upon a deep-ish pink/violet in Inglot, a cream blush in the colour 81. Here is a pic of me wearing ‘All Out Gorgeous’ on my lips and the Inglot Cream Blusher in 81 on my cheeks:


I really love this look because it’s perfect when my fake tan has worn off and I’m my natural pale self (which isn’t an easy tone to find a makeup ‘look’ to suit I will add!). So, what’s the problem? The problem my dear readers is that the Inglot Cream Blusher is crap. Useless. Rubbish.  Absolutely no staying power, and difficult to apply and rub in. I had reached the end of my tether – I just wanted to wear my beloved lipstick with a matching blush on my cheeks! Then I sneakily applied a touch of the lipstick onto my cheek and began rubbing it in . . . and it looked great! The finish was glossy/dewy, the colour ideal!!!!

So there you have it – I have used lipstick as a blusher! Disgusting, I know! But don’t knock it till you try it!

Stay Glamorous! Xxx


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