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#JuneBBC Day 20: Favourite ‘High End’ Product

I have decided to take part in #JuneBBC: June Beauty Blog Challenge. The idea is that you write a beauty themed post everyday for the month of June! Today’s theme is ‘Favourite ‘High End’ Product’

This is a tough one. I have an extensive makeup collection, and there is no doubt in my mind that my makeup bag clearly contains thousands of euro worth of products. But, that said, I’m not sure what exactly is ‘high end’? I have a lot of Mac, Lancome, Benefit and Urban Decay, but that is about as high as I get. I’m currently looking out for Armani Luminous foundation so I suppose that would be considered high end? Rather than discuss my ‘favourite’ high end product, I think I will talk about some well known high end products I have bought and maybe this can guide you for the future!

Nars Blusher

I have Nars Blusher in Orgasm. This is the holy grail of blusher, and it’s a Nars hero product. I don’t like it. The colour is a real peachy colour, as opposed to my beloved pink blushers. The colour payoff is good, the staying power is good, but for the colour is not for me. I have bought it now, and I’m sure it will live in my makeup bag for years to come (probably because I love the Nars packaging!!) but I can’t say this product will get much use, high end or not. If your going to be paying €30ish for a blusher, head to Mac – the colour range is extensive and quality excellent.

Nars Blush

Lancome Mascara

Kim Kardashian swears by Lancome mascaras, and at €30 a pop I suppose they would be on the high end of things. I have to say I have been about 75% happy with Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes – it works very well if you apply one thin layer, let it dry, then repeat. When you do this, its a great mascara, but if you put it on like a regular mascara you may not be as impressed as you had hoped! I would give a thumbs up to this high end piece of kit!


Mac Foundation

In general the blogging community do not like the foundations Mac have on offer. I couldn’t disagree more. Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC15 is my favourite makeup product EVER and comes in at €32 a pop. High coverage, a gorgeous yellow tone and good staying power. Another high end product worth the high end price tag!

Mac Studio Fix Fluid Glamour & Go

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Palettes

To date I have four Urban Decay palettes (ranging from €40-€50 each)and these babies do not disappoint! The colours are gorgeous, the payoff, blending ability and staying power is superb and the cherry on top is the little extras they throw in with the palette, a brush, primer, lipgloss, etc! My favourite was the Smoked palette!

Urban Decay Smoked Palette

Orogold 24k Deep Peeling

Readers of my blog will know I have a rocky past with Orogold. Anyway, I spent over €100 on an Orogold Deep Peeling product. Now if that isn’t high end I don’t know what is!!!! I’ve used the product twice, thought it was good. The reason I thought it was so good was that as you rub the product in, debris and excess fluid from your skin starts to build up and you can visibly see the ‘badness’ coming off your face. Disgusting I know – but very satisfying. Then a wonderful reader informed me what this product actually does:

“I had the same experience yesterday in London, UK. Upon googling I found that they used to use PVA (pretty much glue), and now another type of thickener, in the exfoliator. What happens when you put glue on your hand, let it dry and rub off? Glue comes off, looking a lot like dead skin, it removes dirt and your skin is softer. Seriously, that exfoliator is water, alcohol (the first three ingredients listed — alcohol is a horrible ingredient for skincare, especially for an exfoliator, which is already abrasive) and glue.”

Reina, Glamour & Go Reader

Now isn’t that interesting reading? Oh and by the way – I got a delightful email from Orogold Cosmetics Ireland last week in relation to my post (which was published 2 months ago!) which more or less gave me a rap across the knuckles for being so naughty and using the word boycott in relation to Orogold – how dare I! I said it once and I will say it again – steer clear!

Orogold Depp Peeling

Stay Glamorous! Xxx


6 thoughts on “#JuneBBC Day 20: Favourite ‘High End’ Product

    • I know! Already I’m currently carting about 3 of them around in my makeup bag and its getting very tight!! Hmmm . . get rid of some makeup, or I could just buy a bigger bag!!!!!

    • Actually – you know your dead right, I think I might actually take that out as I’m being a bit unfair on Nars, I just didn’t like one of their blushers, I shouldn’t right them all off!! 🙂

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