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#JuneBBC Day 13: Makeup Look You’d Love to Recreate

I have decided to take part in #JuneBBC: June Beauty Blog Challenge. The idea is that you write a beauty themed post everyday for the month of June! Today’s theme is ‘Makeup Look You’d Love to Recreate’

Because I do nothing in half measures I give you THREE makeup looks I’d love to recreate (and I’m going to be attempting in July so stay tuned!)

1. HD Brows Model Pale Skin Purple Lips

I looooove this look. I would love to be able to pull it off. I think it’s only certain pale skin that can safely pull off the true pale look. I am going to look out for this lipstick (If you know a lipstick close to this shade please leave me a comment!!!) over the next few weeks. The pale foundation shouldn’t be a problem – although again I would love some suggestions from my fellow pale skinned readers on what foundation and shade you think is the best for pale skin?? I have Inglot AMC Cream Foundation in LW100 (their lightest shade) which is adequate, although I don’t like the coverage but it is buildable.


2. Porcelain Pale Skin with Red Lips

I know this isn’t a million miles away from the first makeup look, but it’s another really unique look that I would love to try! In terms of achieving the look I don’t think you’d need much more than the palest foundation known to man, translucent powder, highlighter with the slightest touch of blush, red lipstick and then onto the eyes. Looking forward to trying this (I’ll have to stop using my fake tan for the next few weeks to try get back to my absolute palest!!!!!)

Pale Skin Makeup Look

3. Kourtney Kardashian Burnt Orange Lips

Kourtney Kardashian is the queen of burnt orange. She knows how to work it, and her natural sallow skin and hair is just perfect for a slick of burnt orange lipstick. I’ve tried this look alot, and I really love my Barry M lipstick in 151 (more details in post here) but I find it hard getting my skin dark enough. Anyway I’ll give it a go at some stage in July. I particularly like the first picture so I will be looking for fake lashes that are similar to those Kourt is wearing in that picture.

Kourtney Kardashian Makeup 1

Kourtney Kardashian Makeup 2

Kourtney Kardashian

Finally, I’m going to finish with another favourite look of mine, one which I have already attempted (I’ll let you decided whether I successfully recreated the look or not!)

Kim Kardashian Red Lips

Here’s a look I have been admiring for AGES. A few weeks ago I decided to have a go at recreating this look:

Kim Kardashian


Well I’m probably going to regret publicly promising to try recreate these three looks in July, but worst case scenario I get it all arseways! I would really, really appreciate any help you can give me – so if you think you know the best purple lipstick or the lightest ever foundation PLEASE let me know!

Stay Glamorous! Xxx


7 thoughts on “#JuneBBC Day 13: Makeup Look You’d Love to Recreate

  1. You did a great job on the Kim look and I love the other ones you picked, especially the purple lips one, so pretty! I know that Illamasqua have a couple of purple lipsticks (ESP is one anyway) but I’m sure some other brands have lovely purples too, maybe Inglot? x

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