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HD Brows Review

Review Thursday: This week your in for a treat as I review the infamous HD Brows!

My eyebrows have been much cause for consternation of late. I have been growing them out forever, and ended up getting Wow Brows, which turned out to be a disaster (review here). So I cut my losses, grew the brows out AGAIN and made an appointment with Sarah in Mud Pie Beauty Boutique in Dundrum to get HD Brows.

HD Brows

Mud Pie Beauty Boutique

First off – before I even get into the HD brows, I have to tell you how fab Mud Pie Beauty Boutique is. It’s adorable – pink, floral, cosy and girly. I took loads of pictures:


The price lists, aka, Mud Pie Beauty Boutique Men


Panorama view of the entrance area and salon



The room where the HD brow treatment was administered

Brows Before HD Brows

Now for the treatment itself. I was worried I didn’t have enough regrowth (check out the before pictures) but Sarah assured me that she would be able to work with ’em!




Brows beforehand

Step 1: Tint

First off was the tint – she said that even the smallest hairs become much more apparent once they are tinted darker. Your brows instantly become thicker.

Step 2: Shape

Sarah measured and lined out the infamous ‘HD Brow’ shape using a smple piece of thread (no complicated rulers or anything like that!), beforehand she asked my preferences, for example, do I like an arch? I really liked the personalized approach and from the very beginning I was totally confident that Sarah was highly trained and knew what she was doing.

Step 3: Wax, Thread and Tweeze

First came the wax to remove the majority of excess hair, then threading and a tiny bit of tweezing. This is a picture I took the next day which shows the basic shape before filling in:

photo (1)

Step 4: Filling In

Sarah knew exactly the shape she wanted to achieve and filled in my brows. If you look at the picture above (which are not filled in), as a guide she suggests drawing a line at the bottom and a line at the top, then filling in the middle. Here is a picture I took of one brow filled in and one brow not filled in:

photo (2)

Brows After HD Brows

Sarah added mineral makeup around the brows as my original makeup had rubbed off, so the makeup isn’t great but the brows are fab:



Brows Afterwards

I decided to buy the HD brows palette in Foxy for €30 and I swear to God it is amazing. I use it everyday not only for my brows but they are also amazing eyeshadows. I bought HD Brow Beater for €20, which is like a clear mascara and makes the brows ‘sit down’ and look ‘finished’. I’m not so mad about this.

HD Brows Foxy Palette

HD Brows Brow Beater

The treatment cost €40 and it is worth every cent. I absolutely love my new brows, and now when I look back on my old brows I think they looked AWFUL (For example -> -> ->!!). Here are some pictures of different makeup looks over the last few weeks, all of which I think are improved based on my new HD Brows!

photo (3)

photo (4)

photo (5)

Stay Glamorous! Xxx


6 thoughts on “HD Brows Review

  1. WOW the turned out much much better than the last place you went! You look beautiful! HD brows are obviously the only good ones. I’m gonna go get my HD’d soon 😉 x

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