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MEGA Irish Beauty Bloggers List (Updated)

The aim of this post is to link ALL the Irish Beauty Bloggers. I think we all agree that the quality of blogs in Ireland is sensational – no longer do we need to look to the UK and the States for the newest trends and product releases!

I have been compiling this list for ages and currently I have 135 142 159 Irish Beauty Blogs. If I have left anyone out please leave a comment or send me a tweet @glamourandgo and I will update the list!

A Bullet To The Head
A Little Bit Of Love
A Little Infinity
A Little Bit of Makeup And Beauty
A Pretty Obsession
A Sea Of Neon Colours
Ah Sure Tis Lovely
Aisling Wallis/Pale Girl
Alex Donald’s Multiverse
All Made Up 21
All The Little Things
Anita’s Beauty Spot
Anna Saccone
Art Donnatella /Artdonatella Make-Up
Beauty As I See It
Beauty Galore
Becky Dazzler
Behind Green Eyes
Belle Morte Beauty
Bellissima Beauty
Bit of Bobbi, Bit of Chanel
Blondes Love Cupcakes
Blushful Beauty
Book Marks To Beauty Marks
Bright and Beautyfull
Broken Blush Blog/Musings of A Makeup Maniac
Catch My Fancy
Chantelle Thomas / Dolly Nails
Cherry Sue Doin The Do
Chloe Leonard Makeup
Chloe Ryan Makeup
Ciara Allen Makeup Artist
Confessions Of A Makeupaholic
Countess Du Blush
Dancing With Disaster
Dee-Lightful Thoughts
Dolly Dowsie
Dolly Rouge
Eimear Byrne Makeup Artist
Ellie Jayden
Ellis Murphy Makeup
Emerald Eyeliner
Emma Farrell Makeup
Fashion Turns To The Right
Fitz n Bitz
Forever Fabulous in Bows
Fluff and Fripperies
Freckles And The Fox
Gaily Gumdrops
Girl Meets Face Paint
Girl With The Skew Earring
GirlFridays Beauty Blog
Glamour & Go
Glamour Nazi
Glitter Puss Makeup
Glitter Mama Wishes
Hall of Mirrors
Hazy Fairyland
High Life of Mars
Hilda Murphy Makeup Artist / Fairydust Makeup
I Haz A Blog
If They Were Me
Inside My Little World
Irish Nail Addict/An Irish Nail Addict
Katie Elisabeth
Keep Your Sindy . . . I’ll Have The Barbie /
KimAnnabella MUA
Lashings of Mascara
Letz Makeup
Life, Laughs and Laura
Lola Rose
Lovehearts & Lace
Love Life And Makeup
Lovely Girly Bits
Strawberry Topics
Lyndar The Merciless
Madames Makeup
Maggie Munster
Makeup By Lauren Marie
Makeup By Saz
Makeup For Dolls
Makeup Monster
Makeup Moo
Makeup Over Mind
Makeup To Make You Feel Good
Martha Ryan Makeup
Make-Up Anonymous
Martina Moylan
McMademoiselle Likes
Miss Beauty Blogger
Miss E Blog
Nail Affair
Nails By Numbers
Natke05 / Blossomming Beauty
Nina’s Bargain Beauty
Not Just Inside
Nurse Fancy Pants
Pink Glitter 10
Pink Sugar Sparklie’s Blog
Potion Princess / Helen Will Troy Beauty Products
Power Of Makeup
Pretty Kitty / Beautiful Foundations
Rants, Raves and Rambles
Rara Giggle’s Blog
Reserved for Ruby
Revolver Fashion
Roses and Rockets
Sarah Hope Makeup
Sharon The Makeup Artist
Sherisan Wharmby MUA
Sinful Stilettos
Simply Stargirl
Snapped Up
So Random Today
Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog
Sunshine Rose
Tar Mar Tales
Tara Makeup
The Agoraphobic Fashionista
The Beauty Dial
The Fashionista Observer
The Hostess Handbook
The Imperfect Beauty / The Imperfect Beauty Queen
The Makeup Buff
The Makeup Chair
The Powder Room
The Make Up Fairy Pro
The Secret Life Of Emz
The Secret Obsession
The Stylish World Of Lou
The World In My Wardrobe
The Yellow Sunflower
Thunder and Threads
Trickling Beauty / Atelier De Vivre
Total Makeup Addict
Too Many Freckles
Too Many Muffins
Very Lovely Stuff
Views From A Tin Bin
Viva Adonis
Vive Le Glamour / Long Live The Glamorous
Wild Child Stories
What Katie Healy Did
What Larry Loves
XXX Love Is Beauty XXX
Your Beauty
Ziegfeld Girl Beauty

Wow – well done to all you fabulous Irish beauty bloggers!!!

Stay Glamorous! Xxx


48 thoughts on “MEGA Irish Beauty Bloggers List (Updated)

  1. you mad thing, this must have taken you ages!! Thanks so much for including me!! Can I be really mean though and say that my name is Princesswatshername ?, I wouldn’t mind at all usually but if you google it as princess whats her name I don’t even come up 😮 (sorry I know my name is weird – I picked it when I was young (16) and foolish! x

    • Hey missus I will change it but I’m on hols now and need the laptop to change it properly so I’ll do that next week, but I will add the links then as well x

    • Thanks! I have to say there is a lot of upkeep in a post like this. For ages on Twitter I was asking people to send me links and to RT, but you’ll never include everyone!

  2. I’m literally just seeing this now, and well done to you for getting everyone together! Thanks for including us – ❤ xxx Siofra & Stephanie

  3. Thanks Suzy, I actually can’t believe my blog made your list. It’s hard to believe other people read my blog and so nice to see comments and especially making your list. Your blog is amazing. I now have a long list of Irish blogs to read through later, thanks for making this list!

    Trish xx

  4. Hey, great list, hoping you can add me on there

    Its great that there are so many Irish bloggers out there, fed up finding out about products I cant get from US and UK bloggers 😦

    • I most definitely will! Are you on Twitter? I will update the post at the weekend and I can send you a link on Twitter when it’s updated?

      • I am indeedy @BelleBeautyGlam few new fashion related posts going up, sales frenzy happening on m computer hahaha I will be tweeting the links if ya wanna have a look, or Im on bloglovin too 🙂

        Alison (BelleBeautyGlam)

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