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Cocoa Brown Night & Day Tan* Review

Today is Review Thursday and I bring you an extra special treat – an exclusive review of the new Cocoa Brown Night & Day Tan!

The is the second tan in the Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter range. This first creation from the brand was the now infamous 1 Hour Tan (my review here). The second Cocoa Brown creation is Night & Day Tan – and I can say with confidence that it definitely lives up to the excellent Cocoa Brown standard. In a sentence: I am in love – the colour is just sensational.


Another Fake Tan?

The idea behind this fake tan is that you put it on five minutes before a night out (a la Sally Hansen, Sun Shimmer, etc). It is instantly very dark, it dries super quickly and doesn’t come with the terrible ‘fake tan’ smell. The second novel aspect of this tan is that you won’t spend the whole week trying to scrub it off and being left patchy, because when you go for a shower the morning after the night before most of the excess washes off and your left with a light glow.


The Packaging

Night & Day Tan comes in a metal can with the signature Cocoa Brown fuchsia pink and contrasting white, to illustrate the dark by night, light by day concept. Overall the packaging is very pretty and clean.


The Product Being Applied

The product is a mousse and is surprisingly thick and luxurious, it slides on really easy and although it dries fast, you still get a really good even coverage. There is no fear of having a patchy tan because it is so dark you will see straight away if you miss a bit! Another thing I noticed about this tan – my skin feels really soft with it on, it actually feels like you have put on a really good body lotion. Plus, you don’t get that horrible sticky feeling that I have experienced with other tans.

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words so I’ll let them do the talking:


Make sure you tilt the bottle down as you spray it or you’ll get splatters of mousse everywhere!


This is what it looks like when it comes out of the bottle


I applied that small amount from the previous picture and it did most of my lower arm


The mitt after the first small application

The Colour

This is by far my favourite aspect of this tan: the colour is PERFECT. Even my tan-phobic other half commented numerous times about how nice the colour is. I literally took the ultimate step in blog reviewing and I tanned HALF my body to illustrate the colour!!!!!




(I never apply fake tan on my face)


Wowzers – that is some difference!

The End Result

I know the above pictures look extreme with half my body tan and half my body natural. I finished the job and here is the end results. I know everyone has their own personal preferences but I love this super dark colour. It’s really dark, but it isn’t a bit orange or over the top:




The Next Day

I actually love the colour so much that instead of getting up this morning and going for a shower, I have decided to leave the tan on. Here is how it looks today:





The Difference Between Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan and Night & Day Tan

 If you remember my last review of the 1 Hour Tan I took some pictures at my desk the next day. I have done the same today with the Night & Day Tan so we can compare them:

Comparison 1: Left Arm

1 Hour Tan (8th March 2013)

20130307-103740.jpg   VS

Night & Day Tan (2nd May 2013)


Comparison 2: Hand & Fingers

1 Hour Tan (8th March 2013)



Night & Day Tan (2nd May 2013)


Comparison 3: Right Arm

1 Hour Tan (8th March 2013)



Night & Day Tan (2nd May 2013)


Looking at the three comparisons I was actually surprised by how close the colours look, and I’m thinking maybe the camera didn’t capture the true colour perfectly, because I do feel that the Night & Day Tan is that bit darker than the 1 Hour Tan. The main difference between the two tans is that they serve two different purposes, depending on your own needs. I personally don’t go out too often, and like to constantly wear fake tan. Normally on a Wednesday or Thursday evening I apply fake tan which tides me over until the next week. So based on this, the 1 Hour Tan is more suited to my needs. Where I can see myself getting great use out of the Night & Day Tan will be on holidays next week – I don’t want to have fake tan on when I’m lying by the pool sunbathing, yet I would like some colour when I’m going out that night.


I genuinely am blown away by how much I love this tan – because I normally never use the instant Sally Hansen type tan’s. I love the instant colour, I love how easily the tan goes on and how quickly it dries and I love how naturally dark my skin is today – I don’t want to wash it off!

You will know yourself whether you fall into the ‘permanent’ week long tanning category or whether your someone who prefers the instant, washable tans, but either way you genuinely can’t go wrong with Cocoa Brown. There are three great benefits to their two fake tans: first the colour is gorgeous, secondly you don’t have the horrendous smell and thirdly they retail at €7.99! No longer are the days of €20 a pop for a small bottle of fake tan!

Night & Day will be on sale in about two weeks and it’s expected to be sold in the same place as the 1 Hour Tan (which is practically everywhere at this stage!)


Disclaimer: As you all probably know, I was invited to a very generous lunch by Marissa Carter and given a free bottle of Night & Day tan to review. This is the first ‘free’ product I have reviewed on my blog and for future reference any time I review a free product or service I will be sure to let you know. BUT you can count on me 100% that regardless of whether I paid for the product/service or received it free, all reviews and opinions will be 100% honest.


12 thoughts on “Cocoa Brown Night & Day Tan* Review

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  2. I have been really disappointed by st tropez instant tan and am desperate (am naturally very very pale and am off to a hot wedding in Greece where I am going to be emphasising the paleness with high factor sunblock!) could you tell me if the pre-wash off tan has good non-transfer properties/is relatively waterproof? Thanks!!

    • I am so sorry about the delay replying – I was on vacation when you posted your query.

      I’ll give a quick description of the two products Cocoa Brown have and you can decide your self which suits you better!

      The first product Cocoa Brown brought out was ‘Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan’. This is a tan which goes on dark (so you can see mistakes instantly!). Then over 1-3 hours it develops. I would highly recommend leaving it on for at least 3 hours. The smell is nice – but if you leave the tan on all night it will start smelling like usual fake tan by morning time! Anyway, after three hours (or however long you prefer depending on intensity of colour you like!), go for a shower and wash off the excess. Just a quick shower will do. At this point you will have a lovely golden natural tan which will last about a week! I am very pale naturally as you can see, so this is the option I use! Now my only warning with this is that the product DOES get on your clothes,etc while you are waiting 3 hours for it to develop.

      The second product is the one which I am reviewing in this post ‘Cocoa Brown Night & Day Tan’. This tan is similar to Sally Hansen of Rimmel Sun Shimmer. Again, the colour goes on dark. The difference is that this colour doesn’t need time to develop. The colour it goes on is the final colour. It dries very quickly and it DOES NOT rub off on your clothes or sheets. The only bad side of this Night & Day tan is that when you go for a shower the colour washes off – you are left with a very light ‘glow’, if even.

      So one colour is a ‘week long’ product, the other is washable. In terms of rubbing off on clothes the One Hour Tan will rub on to your clothes in the 3 hour development time, but after you shower you have a beautiful colour for a week! Whereas Night & Day won’t rub on to your clothes but it washes off when you shower so you will need to reapply each day!

      Hope this helps x

  3. I love how this blog post was featured on the daily mail online! I had to give your blog a read after I read their article and I LOVE it 🙂 x

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