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Glamour&Go Unearths a Pricing Scam: Orogold Cosmetics

Anyone who has been near Wicklow Street recently will probably have seen a new cosmetics store: Orogold Cosmetics. If you haven’t seen the store you will have definitely seen the annoying sales people who drag you off the street. If Orogold sounds vaguely familiar to you, it recently featured on Xpose where it showed fantastic, immediate results (I’m not giving the link because I don’t want to promote any more sales of their products). They also have stands in shopping centres and plague people who walk past. Anything which is on Xpose sells out ASAP so it annoyed me that they drag you in from the street – if a company’s product is good enough you won’t need to drag people in with obtrusive selling tactics.

Orogold Wicklow Street

Orogold Cosmetics Store Wicklow Street Dublin (Behind Brown Thomas on Grafton Street)

So I was dragged in and a sample of the 24k Deep Peeling was used on my wrist. All I can say is WOW. The product is amazing – all the dirt (fake tan) and debris was immediately removed from my wrist, with skin being left visibly clean, healthy and soft. So next comes the sincher: “Now Suzy, this product normally retails at €186 but for one day only we can give it to you for €126”. They seriously had another thing coming if they thought I was going to pay €126 for a product there and then. I began my best bartering and managed to get the price down to €106  for a defective box (you will see the “defect” in the pictures below). At this point I said I would go to the ATM (I could have easily paid for it there and then but I am not going to pay that much without a quick online search). I left and looked on line – all the reviews for the product were excellent, so I was confident that the results I had seen were genuine. Then I looked at online prices, on the international Orogold Cosmetics website the 24k Deep Peeling retails at $128, and if you add in exchange rates and delivery I was happy with my €106. So I went back and bought it for €106. I have to say I have used the product since and the results are amazing, so it’s such a shame that there is something fishy going on with prices.

Orogold 24k Deep Peeling Price International Website

The international Orogold Cosmetics website 24k Deep Peeling pricing as of Monday April 29th 2013


IMG_4998The 24k Deep Peeling product and packaging

I was researching the product to do a review post here (which I will not be doing now because I am boycotting the company and don’t want to review their product to give them future sales). I noticed they have an Irish Orogold Cosmetics website – but I have to say the website is poor quality (links not working, glitchy, etc), and if I didn’t know that the shop and product genuinely do exist I would nearly say that the website looks even like a sham website (NOTE: I am not saying this is a sham website, I am just saying that in MY OPINION the finish and quality of the website is poor). Then I realised they have products available to buy on the Irish website, so I obviously looked for the 24k Deep Peeling which I had bought for a bargain of €106 – and lo and behold there is the product online for €100, and wait for it: there is a 10% ‘Online Discount’ to be added, so if you were to buy this product online on Sunday 28th April, one day after I bought it in store for €106 you would pay €90. So I was thinking to myself THANK GOD I worked them down to €106 for a ‘defective product’ – can you imagine if I had paid €126? Or even worse €186?????

Orogold 24k Deep Peeling Price Irish Website

The Irish Orogold Cosmetics website 24k Deep Peeling pricing as of Monday April 29th 2013



Certificate of Gold Authentication

So I took to Twitter and fellow beauty bloggers agreed that they hate the hard sell this company takes, so much so that they would easily walk to the other side of the road to avoid them. I was sure at this point I was going to do a big blog post on this issue. So next I decided that I would make sure that the product normally retails at €186 but was on special offer for €126, like I was told Saturday. So I rang the store as an unsuspecting customer on Monday morning, 29th April. I enquired how much the 24k Deep Peeling was and imagine my HORROR when I was told “Well the product normally retails at €126 (NO MENTION OF €186!), but today it is on offer on our website as ‘Deal of The Day’, where it is going on sale for €70 so if you come into the store today I can give it to you for €70”. I nearly got sick. I have never in my life paid over €100 for a skincare product – and now I found out I’ve been ‘had’ 😦 I have gone onto the website today Monday April 29th and there is no mention of this product being on special offer in the Deal of The Day section, so where did the €70 come from? I have included the screen shot of the website which I took Monday 29th April at 12.26 in the ‘Deal of The Day’ section of

Orogold Deal of The Day Monday 29th April

Irish Orogold Cosmetics Deal of The Day section on Monday 29th April 2013 – no mention of the 24k Deep Peeling product on offer for €70 as was stated during telephone conversation



The ‘defective’ box with small tear along the bottom (Apparently caused during shipping from LA)

Ok, I know it is only on special offer today for €70, but I paid €36 more than this for a ‘defective’ product’??????? I am beyond annoyed. Tomorrow when it isn’t on special offer (the special offer thing is a complete mystery as well!) you will be able to go online and buy the product for €90, a significantly smaller price than the €126 you pay in store. Imagine how annoyed I would be if I had paid €126? Obviously the €186 was complete fabrication. I normally consider myself very clued in – and bare in mind that I am gaining nothing from telling this story – it is embarrassing to admit you have been ‘scammed’. However, I am publishing this story because despite how much I truly love the deep peeling product after only one use, I will never again buy anything from this company. I for one will be boycotting their brand and all their products, this will be the one and only time I mention their product on my website. It’s 2013, it’s unacceptable that a high street store is taking advantage of customers who would do anything for youthful and healthy looking skin. They made a huge profit on that “defective product” and it was at my expense. Ladies, my advice to you all is to not only steer clear of the physical store, steer clear of Orogold Cosmetics completely – they are shady and totally unethical.

I for one say boycott Orogold Cosmetics in future.

Stay Glamorous! x


12 thoughts on “Glamour&Go Unearths a Pricing Scam: Orogold Cosmetics

  1. That’s crazy.
    I saw them advertising for staff before the store opened and at the time I was unemployed and seeking cosmetic work so looked them up. They said they needed experience in sales and meeting targets which made me hesitate but as I had never heard of the brand, I thought it might be worth while trying it. When I found their website and saw the products were hundreds of euro, I promptly forgot all about it. How on earth are you going to sell unheard of products at that price in a recession?
    I have since seen the store but always avoid it as I know I won’t be splashing out like that!
    Interestingly, I was passing with Boyfriend the other day and Boyfriend actually pointed out that there was a middle aged man trying to coax people into the shop. I believe his words were something along the lines of “Why would you want to buy cosmetics off him? He doesn’t look like he knows much about skin care or make up!” That really cemented it in my head that they are hiring people for hard selling only.
    I will most definitely be avoiding!

    • Exactly – I googled the Dublin store and found a Gumtree job advert and everything about the job advert made me feel uneasy about the ‘expert’ sales people who had just sold me an expensive product. The job advert included “Experience working in high traffic areas”. I passed earlier that day and saw them dragging people in and made a mental note to go to the other side of the road on the way back (which in itself is ridiculous!) but it slipped my mind. Look, I have the product bought now, I’ve never in my life paid that kind of money for a product before and don’t intend to do it again. While the product is good – they are totally unethical and just shady which I don’t like. Thanks for the comment x

  2. I saw the piece on Xpose and thought it looked amazing; I can’t believe how dodgy the company are! It’s so unprofessional, I’m sorry you got scammed, hopefully your post will stop other unsuspecting customers being fooled by their ridiculous prices. It’s a pity the company is so shady as you said the product is actually good 😦

    I’ve just discovered your blog, I love it 🙂 xo

  3. I had the same experience yesterday in London, UK. Upon googling I found that they used to use PVA (pretty much glue), and now another type of thickener, in the exfoliator. What happens when you put glue on your hand, let it dry and rub off? Glue comes off, looking a lot like dead skin, it removes dirt and your skin is softer. Seriously, that exfoliator is water, alcohol (the first three ingredients listed — alcohol is a horrible ingredient for skincare, especially for an exfoliator, which is already abrasive) and glue. I bought it for my mom as a gift, because she specifically said she wanted it, and they charged me £129. That’s $202!! They didn’t even tell me the price beforehand, just punched in the numbers on the credit card reader. I was stunned, but paid because my mom wanted it. I don’t think she knows it costs that much.

    You can get good exfoliator without the scam and hard sales tactics. How much the prices fluctuate is very telling of how much the products are actually worth– I’m sure their markup is super high. I’m so sad I had to buy a scam cosmetics to give to my sweet mom 😦

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