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Best Dressed Celebs of the Week

I’ve decided to try and get a little bit of structure to my posts, I was looking through my favourite website ever (well after this one of course :)) Daily Mail Online, when I noticed a few celebs looking well dressed, in both formal and casual clothing. So how about in future on a random old Monday or Tuesday I will do a post on the best dressed celebs of the last week! This week we are very lucky to have the MTV Movie Awards to also chose from, so lets get started!

Pamela Anderson at The International Beauty Show, NY

It was Pamela Anderson who got the ball rolling on this idea. I saw her in this fab black formal outfit and thought ‘Wow, doesn’t Pam look great, I should put this on my blog’. In the Daily Mail they referred to this as ‘demure’ and for once, I have to agree with them. She has a great figure and her boobs don’t look too big in this! Yay or Nay?

Pamela Anderson Attends The International Beauty Show

Pamela Anderson donned this all black outfit at the International Beauty Show held in NY this week

Victoria Beckham at Six Flags, LA

It’s so nice to see Victoria Beckham dressed casual for a fun day out with her kids! This isn’t a great picture but I love this casual, dressed down look.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham enjoying a fun day out with her kids in LA where she wore a simple silk camisole vest with navy wide leg jeans

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at LAX Airport, LA

Wowzers check out them pins! This is a gorgeous outfit! It’s quite casual, but those super tight pants don’t look like they would be the most comfortable for a 7 hour flight! Rosie is obviously a girl after my own heart: No pain, no gain!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie wearing uber-tight leather skinnes with a simple striped top, tan boots and finished with a gorgeous grey bag

Jessica Alba in Santa Monica, California

Mum of two Jessica Alba has contemporary casual to a tee with this gorgeous flared jeans outfit that is perfect for Spring. Alba, who was running some errands (or “Going in to town” as we like to say) when she was snapped wearing a light pair of flared demin’s with a lovely olive army jacket over them.

Jessica Alba

Mum Jessica Alba sporting denim ‘bell-bottom’s with white top and olive/khaki army jacket

Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner at MTV Movie Awards, LA

No celeb style post would be complete without my beloved KimK. Thankfully, Kim has come to her senses and worn something flattering for once – her pregnancy style so far has been bonkers and uncomplimentary.  I think Kylie looks great, overall I do think this outfit is a little too old for her. That said, I also think there is only a certain age group that can pull off exposing the mid-drift so that makes it a little youthful.

Kim Kardashian Kylie Jenner

Sisters Kim & Kylie going ‘monochrome’ at the MTV Movie Awards! Kim wore a flattering black Yves Saint Laurent dress while 15-year old Kylie opted for cream pencil skirt and matching crop top

Nicole ‘Snookie’ Polizza at MTV Movie Awards, LA

Is this really Snookie??? I love Snooks and think her antics on Jersey Shore are hilarious, but she has definitely had her fair share of fashion faux paux’s – but this is great! She looks amazing – this dress is very flattering and her figure is fab (didn’t she just have a baby????):


New Mum Snookie in a beautiful pink sequin gown with matching shoes at the MTV Movie Awards 2013

Melanie Iglesias (Who?) at MTV Movie Awards, LA

I haven’t a clue who she is either. But she looks great. This reminds me of a fabulous dress Taylor Swift wore to the Grammys this year.

Melanie Iglesias

Melanie Iglesias, the ‘nobody’ who stole the red carpet at this years MTV Movie Awards

34th Annual People's Choice Awards - Red Carpet

Melanie Iglesias’s dress at the MTV Movie Awards is similiar to that worn by Taylor Swift to the 2013 Grammy’s

Will Ferrell at MTV Movie Awards, LA

This is a ‘unique’ three piece suit. Not sure if this trend will be hitting the high street just yet, but funny man Will pulled it off!!!!!

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell was awarded “Comedic Genius” at this year’s MTV Movie Awards


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