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How To Ombre Hair (From Black)

So guess what – I ombre’d my hair! Walking around Boots last week, I was just about to pick up my usual ‘blackest black’ hair dye when the girl on the box of L’Oreal Wild Ombre caught my eye. So, I got the MAD notion that I would ombre my own hair! Check out the final product:


Here is my step-by-step guide how to ombre your hair from black:

1. Hair Colour Stripper: I knew if I was going to be able to achieve any sort of light brown/blonde I would have to strip my hair of not only all the previous years of black hair dye, but also my own natural hair colour. Enter ‘Decolour Hair Colour Stripper’ which I bought in Boots for €16.99. The beauty of this product is that not only does it strip any hair dye in the hair, it also strips/lightens natural colour.

Hair Stripper

2. Applying Stripper: I mixed the green concoction and applied liberiously to the ends of my hair. Then came the hard part – how far up should I go with the stripper? I decided to cover all the hair from my ears down in stripper and then bring it up in natural peaks towards the top of my head, so there wouldn’t be a straight line of black and then light hair, I wanted it to look sort of like highlights! I would definitely advise using a mirror a lot throughout this process to ensure even coverage and to ensure that the highest ‘peak’ that the stripper went up to was even around the head. Leave this in your hair for one hour or as directed based on your hair colour to start with.

3. Post Stripper: I washed off the stripper and was reasonably happy, it had definitely lightened the bottom of my hair. But the colour wasn’t great, and this product ideally should not be used alone, they advise dying the hair the preferred blonde colour afterwards.

4. Ombre Hair Dye: I used  ‘L’Oreal Preference Wild Ombre No. 3’ which was €7. I went for No. 3 (the blondest) because I really didn’t think the colour would come out that strong on my hair – I was wrong!

Wild Ombre

5. Wild Ombre Brush:  The best thing about this product is the brush they give you to help achieve a natural ombre affect. It also makes it really easy to get graduated peaks of colour up towards the top of your head. Plus, it gets the blonde dye on the outermost layer of the hair without it being blonde straight to the scalp. How far you go up with the colour will depend on your hair length. I have a short bob, so wanted the blonde from my ears down. However, if you have long hair I think it looks good from the chin down.  I left the Wild Ombre in for 45 minutes.

L'Oreal Paris Feria Wild Ombre Expert Ombre Brush

6. Post Wild Ombre: When I first came out of the shower I was underwhelmed, but as my hair dried I got more and more scared! I was totally panicked when I saw the bottom of my hair at the back of my neck – it was now totally blonde, AHHHH!!! Next step was to straighten my hair, and it started to look a bit better – by the next day I was much happier with the result, I just needed to adjust to it!

Here was my hair before:



Here is my New Ombre Hair:







Hopefully this helps someone with black hair who thinks they won’t be able to get the ombre look, the key is the colour stripper! What do you think of my new Ombre Hair??? Would you ever DIY ombre your own hair???

Stay Glamorous! x


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