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Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer Review

There is so much hype about Rimmel’s lip lacquers ‘Apocalips’ range. Everyone loves them – so in a moment of madness I ended up buying three! And now it turns out that I of course would have to be the one person who doesn’t love them!

                                         IMG_3139  IMG_3140

I picked these up in Boots and I think they were around €7 or €7.50. I was in a huge rush so just picked up the three I thought I would get most use out of. The colours I picked up were ‘Big Bang’, ‘Stellar’ and Nude Eclipse’.

Here are the swatches:


Nude Eclipse is a nude colour but is a lot lighter than you would think! It looks darker in the tube. Stellar is a really strong fuchsia pink and Big Bang is a strong red colour.

The reason I dislike these products is firstly I don”t actually like the colours Nude Eclipse and Stellar. Nude Eclipse is far too pale and I look like I am ill when I wear it. The stellar is too strong a pink colour, it’s too loud and in your face. These are only my own preferences and really I should have swatched them before I bought them. If I had done this I would only have picked up Big Bang. I like the colour of Big Bang but this brings me onto my second dislike of the product: it’s messy. The texture is a thick lacquer, somewhat glossy as you apply, but it dries to a non-glossy finish. I don’t think it really dries though and at the end of the day you will find the sticky, strong coloured product all over your hands. Then when I am wearing it and I see it on my hand I am paranoid that it is all over my mouth and on my teeth so I am constantly checking it!

I decided to give Big Bang a trial. I was recently in Dublin city doing some shopping and parked my car in a city centre car park. Before I left the car I first applied lip liner and then  Big Bang and I took this picture:


I have to say I absolutely love the colour of Big Bang. About 2 – 2.5 hours later I come home and look in the mirror to find this:



Basically all that was left was the liner and no product. I have to say I am very bad for touching my mouth so this might account for it. As I have said I do like the colour of Big Bang but I definitely regret picking up the other two! I will probably wear Big Bang a few times but it’s one of those that you will be worrying about constantly when you wear it!

I do think these are good lip products, but I don’t think they are worth all the hype that everyone is giving them! What do you think?

Stay Glamorous! x


6 thoughts on “Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer Review

  1. I agree with you. I bought Big Bang as I’d read the hype everywhere, and I love the Colour but it is just so messy. I haven’t bothered to wear it out of the house as both times I’ve tried it out, I’ve smiled and noticed that its all over my teeth! Very disappointing 😦 x

  2. I think you should try Celestial, it’s a pretty dusty pink, I absolutely love it 🙂 I also have Aurora and Apocaliptic, but they are definitely much brighter than Celestial 🙂 I used to get them all over my teeth but I just put a finger into my mouth and pull the finger out (with my lips around it) and it takes the excess from the more “inside” part of your lips (God, that was difficult to explain, hope you got what I mean!) – since I started doing it there has been no Apocalips on my teeth 😉

    greetings from Istanbul!

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