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My 2 Stone Weightloss

I have mentioned a few times in previous posts that I have struggled with my weight over the years and that I am currently at my slimmest I have been in a long time. This post details the up’s and down’s of my weight.

In this post I am going to talk about my most recent weight gain and weight loss (Yes, there have been more than one!). The first thing I will say before I get into this is that at 5 foot 2 inches I am short! The last thing I would like to say before I begin is that I was clinically overweight. I have often talked to women about my weight and they look at me with horror on their faces and say ‘I have more fat on my baby toe than you have on your body’. This is so frustrating and it’s not a healthy attitude! When they say this to me a small part of my mind thinks ‘Yes, they are right’, despite the fact that the weighing scales are creeping up and that based on my BMI and waist measurements I was well inside the ‘overweight/obese’ category. I have struggled with my weight for 7 years now, and although a 2 stone loss may seem insignificant to a women who has lost 10 stone (which I think is FANTASTIC and I can’t begin to imagine how hard it must have been) it should all come down to your own perception of yourself (within reason, I definitely don’t condone body dysmorphia or anorexia/bulimia either).

Having previous battles with weight, I was delighted with my weight on my 21st in August 2009. Here is pics from that time. I know for a fact I weighed 9 stone 4 pounds at this time:

1 3

So after this three things happened to cause weight gain from this point:

1) I had been dieting that summer to loose a few pounds for my 21st so after being well behaved for the summer I decided to throw my dieting ways out the window.

2) I was in my final year in college and was under HUGE pressure with exams and studying! This resulted in lots of late nights studying with take away’s and late night trips to the shop!

3) I started going out with James and having a boyfriend makes you fat!

So this brings me to summer 2010, a year on from the initial pics. Here are some pics from that period:

10.08 (1) 10.10 (1)

10.10 (02)

10.10 (3)

You can see when I was trying on that purple ball gown (which I didn’t buy!!!) that my hips had definitely gained weight and my main problem area is my belly and that is evident in the pink dress! The picture in the navy dress shows how my face became more rounded as well!!! But still reasonably subtle gains for now!

Fast forward another few months. All of these pics are from 2011 and are in chronological order:

11.02 (1)
11.07 (1) 11.07 (2)

These are pics from a holiday in July 2011. These are the worst pics ahhh I cannot believe I am putting these on the internet for everyone to see!!!!!

11.08 (1) 11.08 (2)

11.08 (4) 11.08 (5)

My sister’s graduation September 2011

11.09 (1)

11.09 (2)

In the last pictures you will see I had definitely gained weight. I was around 11 stone here. I knew at the time that I was carrying weight, but I never thought it was that bad! It’s only when you look back at the pictures that you realise! I was in denial a bit I think! You might also notice in some of the last pictures that my hair had become very light and my face very rounded! A week or two after the pictures from my sister’s graduation were taken I was hospitalised and found to have profound iron deficient anaemia. My haemoglobin level was 4.0 (normal is 12.0-14.0) so I needed blood transfusions immediately. This hospital stay frightened me! I hadn’t been eating right and I felt awful. I had no energy, I was fainting all the time. If I climbed one flight of stairs I would become breathless and light headed. Half my hair had fallen out and my heartbeat was loud and fast all the time. I also had ‘moon face’.

I decided I had to change. I needed to eat healthily, not only for my weight and how I looked – but more importantly for my health! I changed my bad habits. I started eating a lot more fruit and veg, as well as taking iron supplements and multivitamins just in case I was not getting all my vitamins and minerals from my food. I ate red meat 4 times a week and made sure I had a good decent dinner every evening. I didn’t stop myself having a bar of chocolate, but I would only allow myself have a treat (chocolate, crisps, biscuits) if I had gotten five portions of fruit and veg already that day. When your eating five pieces or fruit and veg you will be less hungry and won’t eat as much rubbish! I know if I cut out sweets and crisps completely I would have failed miserably. You have to be realistic. This was a life long change I wanted to make. Here is an example of breakfast (porridge and fruit) and a dinner (Ceaser salad, fillet steak and McCambridge brown bread) I regularly eat:

11.11 (1) 11.10 (1)

As well as eating healthily I started exercising. I started going to aerobics classes with my friend Maria and I began to love these classes! I also started doing pilates! Roll on to June 2012 and I ran the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon! I cannot tell you how good it felt running across the finishing line! I think the regular weekly exercise is really what helped shift the pounds for me.

12.06 (1)

A year on and my weight is still going down very slowly. I am currently 8 stone 13 pounds which is 2 stone less than I was at my heaviest around 18 month ago. I will be honest and say I’m not as good as I was in terms of five fruit and veg a day and the exercise. I prefer to go swimming more than the aerobics classes now. I am determined to get back into the habit of munching on fruit throughout the day and I am really trying to force myself to make time to go to a pilates class once a week. It’s a constant struggle. Finding the time is the hardest part, because eating healthily and exercise takes up time! It’s so much more convenient to order a take away and stay in bed for the evening and I am always tempted! The one thing I will say is that when you are eating well and are getting exercise in you feel GREAT! Maybe it is just a placebo effect but I love that feeling! That’s what keeps me going when I am tired and hungry and I’m just in the door from a long day of work!

I’ll finish with a recent picture. I struggle with my weight, healthy eating and exercise every single day! I have no doubt that my weight will probably creep back up again and I probably won’t notice it then either! People might look at me and think what does she know about weight issues but I do know what it’s like to dislike your body and wish everyday that you looked different! The only person who can change that is YOU! There is no ‘quick fix’, at least there isn’t a quick fix that you can maintain in the long term. Overall my 2 stone weight loss has taken over a year and a half, it’s not like I lost lots of weight very quickly. Change is slow, and you’ll feel like nothing is happening but stick with it and you will get there! I honestly never thought I would lose the weight, I thought that I would be chubby for my adult life. I have now proven to myself and hopefully to you that you can change. It’s not easy, but it is possible.


Stay Glamorous! x


6 thoughts on “My 2 Stone Weightloss

  1. I’ve lost and gained a few times and I’ve managed to put back on the weight I’ve lost again and I’m really trying to find the motivation!! Have to say, I think you looked lovely and attractive in all the pictures but fair play to you for your weight loss you look amazingly fit at the moment!

  2. Wow you have done and are doing amazing!! As a fellow shorty 5”2 like yourself the smallest of weight gain is so obvious on me, But it’s also so hard to keep it off, I fluctuate between 8st 10lb and 9st 10lb……..on a weekly basis!! I can’t seem to keep it steady. I know though I need to be exercising more but it’s so hard to find the time. Would love if you did a post on your diet and workout :)) x

    • I would nearly prefer to force myself into aerobics or a walk or a swim twice a week so I don’t feel too guilty about eating treats! I will definitely do a post about that great idea thanks!

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