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Lancôme Facial Cleansers Review

In this post I review some Lancôme facial cleansing products. Before I begin it might be useful to know that I have normal skin type! Having a full face of make up, I wanted to make sure my face was properly clean before I went to bed. Here is my face before I began:


I started off with a Lancôme cleansing lotion called ‘Galatéis Douceur’. This is described as ‘Gentle softening cleansing fluid face & eyes’. The three pics underneath show what the product looks like, the product on the cotton wool pad and my face after cleaning with one cotton wool pad worth of product (approx. three pumps!).  

IMG_2291 IMG_2257 IMG_2263

My thoughts on Lancôme ‘Galatéis Douceur’: I do think this is a good product to get off the initial bulk amount of make up before using an exfoliator or foaming cleanser that you use with water. You can see in the pics that the product removed a good bit of make up but a significant amount of residue remained. If you were just using this product and a toner, I don’t think you would have a 100% properly clean face.

Next I used Lancôme ‘Bi-facial’ eye make up remover. This is described as ‘Double action eye makeup remover’. The pictures below show the product itself and my eyes before and after using Lancôme ‘Bi-facial’.

                            IMG_2293 IMG_2268

My thoughts on Lancôme ‘Bi-facial’: I think this is an excellent product. In no time at all the majority of my eye make up was removed. I did need to give a little bit extra attention to my lashes to remove the mascara but I was really happy with the results. It appeared that all the eye make up was easily removed! Thumbs up for Lancôme ‘Bi-facial’!

The next product I used was Lancôme ‘Exfoliance Confort’ which is described as ‘Comforting exfoliating cream’. The pics underneath show the product, the product applied and after I washed it off.

                            IMG_2275 IMG_2278

My thoughts on Lancôme ‘Exfoliance Confort’: I have to say I love this product. I have been using it for a few weeks now and it is a fantastic exfoliator. The exfoliating beads in the lotion are gentle for those with sensitive skin, but if you want to really get a good clean you can work them in with your fingers. I love the feeling after washing my face with this product. Another big thumbs up for Lancôme ‘Exfoliance Confort’!

The final product I am reviewing in this post is Lancôme ‘Tonique Douceur’ which is described as ‘Softening hydrating toner alcohol free’. As before, here are pictures of the product itself, the cotton wool pad after cleaning my face with this toner and my face after using the product.
IMG_2292 IMG_2282 IMG_2285
My thoughts on Lancôme ‘Tonique Douceur’: I think this is a great way to finish a cleansing routine. Your face is well cleansed by now so you only need a small bit of product to remove any residue and close pores. I included the picture of the cotton wool pad after I have used the toner on my face to show how clean my face was already from the other products! I love the fact that this toner is alcohol free so it doesn’t sting your face!

That is my Lancôme review – overall Lancôme cleansing products get a big thumbs up from Glamour & Go! The only product I would not be rushing out to buy again is ‘Galatéis Douceur’ cleansing lotion. Do you like Lancôme products?


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