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Weekend OOTD + Male Fashion Rant + Happy Mother’s Day!

Glamour & Go

Hi Everyone! This weekend I tried out a green smokey eyed look. I decided to record a video of this makeup look and I will be posting that soon when I am finished the editing! Here are some pics of the look (quality is not great as they are screen shoots from the video, sorry):




After recording this video we went to do some window shopping in The Blanchardstown Centre. Here is what I wore (very similar to last week’s OOTD here!). The jacket with leather sleeves is from Penny’s, I wore a plain long sleeve black top inside from Dunnes Stores. The jeans are from River Island, the shoes are from Dunnes Stores and finally the bag is Mulberry.


We went to Blanchardstown to pick up some new bits for James so I decided to take some pics of stuff that caught my eye! I love male fashion and I think there is some really cool trends in the shops for the guys these days! That said, I do think the fashion industry is HUGELY sexist! Us ladies are spoilt for choice – take for example a shop like Penny’s. We all know we can go into Penny’s and pick up some lovely basics, or alternatively we can pick up the ‘in-trend’ piece that we aren’t 100% about just yet! And all at very low prices! The lads don’t have this option available to them! I know there is a pretty strict ‘jeans and hoody’ mindset in most Irish men but slowly that might change! Here are some pics I took, mainly from Topman!

 IMG_3788 IMG_3796 IMG_3791

IMG_3794 IMG_3792 IMG_3793

IMG_3798 IMG_3800 IMG_3803

This is in the New Look dressing room, I totally do this when I’m in dressing rooms!


Plus I couldn’t help sneaking in the women’s shoe section in New Look (aka Shoe Heaven)


Before I finish I would like to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mammies reading this, and to my own Mother who I know will read this because she is my No. 1 Fan – Happy Mother’s Day Mam! I love you loads and thanks for your constant support and encouragement xxxx

Stay Glamorous! x


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