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Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Review

I saw a review for this ‘Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan’ recently and decided to investigate for myself. I was not disappointed. This tan is amazing and such good value! I will definitely be stocking up on Cocoa Brown from now on!

One hour I hear you say? YES! One hour! You can leave this tan on for one hour for light tan, two hours for medium tan and three hours for strong tan – no more sweating nights sleep which result in residue tan being left all over the sheets, pillows and duvets. That is the first huge advantage of this tan. The second huge advantage is the smell, or lack there of! This tan does not smell like fake tan! I don’t know how Marissa Carter (founder of Cocoa Brown Tan and owner of Carter Beauty) done it, but I can guarantee you that your days of musty fake tan stinks are behind you! Don’t just take my opinion on this – I have also ‘boyfriend-proofed’ this result. I had the tan on a few hours and put my arm out for my boyfriend James to smell and he thought it was a new body lotion I had bought!!! It is a gorgeous smell. The best bit of all has to be the beautiful colour! Here are some pics:

                     Cocoa Brown tan

Cocoa Brown tan

As you might have gathered by now, I absolutely love this tan! Oh and the cherry on top? It only costs €5.99!! I picked my bottle up in a local pharmacy but you can go to the Cocoa Tan website here to find your local stockists.

Stay Glamorous! x


9 thoughts on “Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Review

        • That is a great description: the giraffe effect! Sometime you would nearly like a tan to fade all over rather than holding the colour strong for a good while because then you will be left blotchy and ‘giraffed’!! I will let you know if this happens with this one. I can’t get over the price its great. Just goes to show how all the other ones are ripping us off and making a huge profit margin!!!

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